Coursera’s App for Zoom Enables Instructors to Integrate Live Meetings into Their Courses


IBL News | New York

Coursera (NYSE: COUR) released this week a new release of its app for managing Zoom lectures on its platform.

The Live2Coursera app for Zoom, which builds upon a basic version developed last year, is available for free download in the Zoom App Marketplace.

The app allows instructors to record, share and upload lectures to their classes and integrate live meetings into their courses on Meanwhile, students have more download and viewing options, including the ability to chose data bandwidth speed.

“Recorded Zoom lectures have the potential to be valuable, long-term digital assets for both educators and learners,” wrote Shravan Goli, Chief Product Officer at Coursera.

Instructors and students can engage with the Live2Coursera app anonymously, not being required to create their own personal Coursera account.

Currently, the recording capabilities are only available for Zoom customers with paid cloud recording access.

The Coursera for Campus Basic plan provides students with free access to world-class online courses, hands-on projects, and job-ready skills training.

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