More Views on What 2U’s Purchase of edX Will Mean for Higher Ed


“The single biggest question that needs to be asked is this: Why is it that the edX partners — which include the most highly ranked universities in the world — weren’t able to create a nonprofit open learning endeavor that could successfully compete with for-profits?”

“Now is the time to look forward by reaffirming edX’s founding vision: to create a cross-institutional collaborative that will address higher ed’s biggest challenges: access, affordability, equity, and attainment.”Edward J. Maloney, Professor at Georgetown University, recommends that “the 

new nonprofit should look beyond online learning and into areas of learning innovation and the scholarship of institutional change.”

“Both MIT and Harvard are already internationally renowned for their activities in learning science, education scholarship, and research on organizational change.” (…) “Harvard and MIT now have the opportunity to create a new nexus of scholarly inquiry, one that integrates the study of learning and institutional change. Such a focus for the new nonprofit would both continue with, and expand on, the original mission of edX.”

“This new nonprofit can help to continue edX’s original mission to harness the “transformative power of education.”

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