Unizin Makes Its Analytics Platform Available through Google Cloud to All Universities


“It’s not easy for higher-learning institutions to aggregate, analyze, and use learning data at scale—nor can many institutions, except for the very largest, operationalize learning data in advising, business intelligence, and machine-learning initiatives,” said Cathy O’Bryan, Unizin’s CEO.

“The UDP frees up colleges and universities from the technical challenges of integrating, normalizing, and managing data, so they can focus on using data for insights to enable student success during and post-college years.”

“By partnering with Unizin, Google Cloud helps institutions make a large leap in their digital transformation, helping enable smarter decision-making at scale,” said Steven Butschi, Head of Education for Google Cloud.

“The data-informed academic mission must play an essential role in helping every student reach their potential. Every week, we see our institutions leveraging the Unizin Data Platform to engage, enrich, and empower their students and instructors with data, analytics, and insights,” explained Etienne Pelaprat, Chief Technology Officer at Unizin.

Unizin Data Platform Dashboard

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