Rancher Academy Certifies 1,000 Learners on Kubernetes While Attracting 10,000 People


IBL News | New York

Rancher Academy has issued over 1,000 certificates and attracted close to 10,000 people since its launch on May 15, 2020, the company disclosed.

The learning platform, built on Open edX by IBL Education, hosts a Level 1 course, which provides an official credential to a graduate of Certified Rancher Operator.

“We built the Rancher Academy to empower the community by giving people a path through the broad scope of what Rancher can do, showing them how to deploy Rancher and how to use it to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters in any provider,” wrote Adrian Goins, Director of Community and Evangelism at Rancher Labs.

The Academy’s educational approach, with four hours of video instruction and hands-on labs, has proven to be successful. In addition, students have a dedicated Slack channel where they are getting support from Rancher staffers.

“The Academy moves from light, humorous instructional videos to demonstrations and finally to hands-on labs that the learners execute on their own,” explained Adrian Goins. “We introduce more-complex subjects as the course progresses, and each lesson builds on the lessons that came before it.”

Based on open-source, Rancher is the most popular solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters.



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