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AUGUST 2020  –  NEWSLETTER #36  |  Breaking news at IBL News  |  Noticias en Español


COVID-19 and Education

• Children’s Learning Worldwide Is a Priority But 818 Million Students Lack Basic Hand Washing

• Is Your School Under Financial Stress? An Interactive Tool Shows Institutions’ Readiness

• Stanford Produces a Visual, Evidence-Based Course to Train Healthcare Workers on COVID-19

• A Paradigm Shift Among Students Towards Online Degrees: 73% Will Consider Enrolling


Trump vs Schools

• Stanford Reverses Plans and Decides to Deliver All Instruction Remotely

Harvard and USC Tell First-Year International Students to Stay Home

• New International Students Barred for Any F-1 or M-1 Visa for Online Programs

• European and U.K. Students Who Already Have F-1 and M-1 Visas Are Welcomed Back

• The Trump Administration Drops Restrictions for International Students Amid Pressure from Colleges



• Georgia Tech’s OMSCS Program Surpasses a Milestone: 10,000 Students Enrolled

• Seven Large Universities Will Share Their Online Courses Among Undergraduate Students

• New NSF Centers with Research Universities Will Focus on Health, Transportation, Quantum, and Agriculture

View: Education and Training as a Tool to Attract Customers and Enhance Presence on Google



• Google Announces 100,000 Scholarships for Three Career-Oriented Certificates

• Apple Renews Its Free Coding Training Program in Swift and Xcode


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