Open edX Juniper Platform: Changes on LMS Instructor Dashboard and Studio Tool


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After a week of the Open edX Juniper platform release, initial features have started to emerge.

Technically speaking, the main change is the upgrade into Python 3, after Python 2.7  became unsupported and unmaintained on January 1, 2020.

Other upgrades affect to Django, MongoDB, and Ruby, as explained on the official Confluence forum of Open edX.

Regarding features related to usability, the LMS’ Instructor Dashboard now includes Extensions and Open Responses data, as shown below.

On Studio –Open edX’s authoring tool– the main visible change points to the possibility to adding a Unit through the new prominent toolbar on top.

In addition, when exporting a course, the instructor gets a message announcing that downloading a course “may be dangerous”. 

The 10th Open edX release Juniper –now on its version Juniper.1– was based on the code of the master software from May 27th, 2020.

edX hasn’t done yet the official announcement of the new platform, nor has released notes.

IBL News (June 11)edX Releases Juniper, Its Tenth Version of the Open edX Platform

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